Angry Birds Star Wars Edition Coming Soon

Angry Birds fanatics and Star Wars lovers (is there fandom crossover??) will be pleased to hear that the Star Wars edition of Angry Birds is coming soon and will be available for iOS, Android and computers from November 8th 2012.

A teaser for the intergalactic version of the popular game was released by Rovio a little while ago and now we know it will be with us soon.

The Angry Birds cast take on roles from the epic space battle with the trusty Red Bird playing the iconic Luke Skywalker and obviously those evil little piggies become the badguys of the Rebel Alliance. The levels of the game are said to correspond with the storyline of the infamous film saga and you will also get to hear the fantastic Star Wars music while you ping your feathered friends around the place.

Apparently there are also plans to introduce Angry Birds Star Wars merchandise like toys, costumes and table games!

(Via Engadget)

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