Amazon Throws Down The Musical Gauntlet To Apple


The launch of Amazon’s HTML5 web-based store that means the Amazon Music Store can be accessed from an iOS device will no doubt get backs up over at bitter rivals Apple.

Not content in going shoulder to shoulder with Apple in the tablet market with their Android powered Kindle Fire tablets – this is another bold move that will definitely heat things up between the two competitors.

Forbes’ Ewan Spence said that despite the fact that the HTML5 is not as user-friendly as the iTunes Music Store and iOS music player – its launch is a win/win situation for web giants Amazon.

Apple will no doubt be angered by the move as it is a threat against Apple’s stranglehold on on-device music sales. It also bypasses the terms and conditions of the Apple App Store meaning that they won’t get their hands on the usual 30% of any income derived from a service running on an iOS device application. Amazon’s MP3 files are not downloaded from the HTML site but are accessed through the Amazon Cloud Player application with is already available on iOS.

It is almost as is Amazon’s Jess Bezos has dared Apple to react to his bold maneuver!

Spence believes that any reaction from Apple will be of huge PR benefit to Amazon and if on the off-chance that there isn’t any backlash from the crew at Cupertino then the HTML5 site won’t be wasted, because with a little adjustment it can run on the Windows Phone, the new Blackberry OS and a range of esoteric Linux devices.

The HTML5 service will undoubtedly tempt a few customers away from Apple, especially those who want to keep their MP3 collections transportable and have the option of accessing them from multiple devices. Amazon will also get extra brownie points for working at the highest levels of smartphone and consumer electronics services and most importantly converting people to another Amazon service where they will splash the cash!

Spence said; “In the high stakes game, Amazon has played a pincer move, where they win no matter the move of the opposition.”

Source: Forbes

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