Amazon & The Two-For-One Replacement Scam


Htmlist’s Chris Cardinal has written a detailed account of what he believes to be a “replacement order scam” striking Amazon.
Cardinal is, by his own admission a regular Amazon user and first released that something fishy was going on with his account after receiving emails regarding online chats with customer service reps.

After some investigation, Cardinal discovered that he was a victim of what he has dubbed the “two-for-one’s socially engineered replacement order scam.”

By gaining access to his order numbers, some sneaky person managed to order “replacement” products of things he had ordered and received successfully, including some incredibly expensive camera equipment.

Several attempts to get this problem rectified by Amazon’s customer service reps failed and Cardinal was left bewildered as the issue occurred again. Again Cardinal made contact with the Amazon team and eventually they froze his account because they believed he has been phished.

Cardinal’s post on the subject is a detailed and in-depth account of what went on with his account which he is regularly updating as he discovers more information about the scam. If you are a regular Amazon user then it is definitely worth a read!

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