Amazing Climbing Gym That Becomes Transparent At Night


This incredible building is situated in the little town of Brixen in Northern Italy and is a climbing gym that is unlike any other in the world, because as the night falls, the building becomes transparent.

The Vertikale Kletterhalle (vertical climbing gym) was designed by architects Martin Mutschlechner and Barbara Lanz of Stadtlabor as part of a collaboration project with local architect Wolfgang Meraner.

The walls are created from aluminum that is dotted with tiny perforations, these perforations give the building a rippling effect and at night, the light from within the gym gives it the transparent appearance.

Architect Mutschlechner said;

“We wanted the building to be hermetic during daytime and completely transparent at night. The first idea was to create a curtain and the waving of the facade was added to create a moiré effect. It was very important for us to have a facade that changes transparency during the day and changes pattern if you move around the building.”

One of the reasons that the architects wanted to make the transparent walls was in order to allow the climbers to feel closer to nature as during the day they get a great view of the picturesque Dolomite Mountains. At night, those walking by the building get to see the climbers scaling up to great heights inside adding to the allure of the gym.


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