Amazing 400,000 brick Hogwarts Construct

Lego hogwarts pic
Check out this incredibly amazing 400,000 brick LEGO Hogwarts created by Harry Potter fanatic Alice Finch. This epic structure is impressive as it is, but it is not just the outer buildings that Finch painstakingly put together, her LEGO Hogwarts features all of the main rooms that appeared in the movie and novel saga, including; the Chamber of Secrets, the Great Hall, the Gryffindor Common Room, Slytherin Common Room and Snape’s Classroom to name but a few.

It took Finch 12 months to create the magnanimous structure and its supremeness has not gone unnoticed – Finch’s LEGO Hogwarts won the Best in Show and People’s Choice Award at BrickCon 2012.

She combined elements from the hugely popular books and hit movies into the structure and her two sons love nothing more than to position the minifig Hogwarts students around the place and taking Harry, Hermione and Ron on amazing adventures in their LEGO magic school.

The Great Hall:
Potions Class:
Gryffindor Common Room:
Slytherin Common Room:
The Chamber of Secrets:
To see more pictures of Finch’s utterly epic LEGO Hogwarts, check out her Flickr album.

Source: Brothers Brick

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