All 721 Of SNES Games Every Releases In U.S. On Sale On Ebay for $24,999

A collector is selling all 721 of the Super Nintendo Games ever released in the U.S., Mexico and Canada for $24,999!

Byuu who is selling the ultimate collection, explained on Reddit that every single game comes in its original box and that the majority of them still have the instruction manuals too. Byuu also states that every single game has been tested and he vouches that “they all work perfectly.”

On eBay, he lists every single game that is available and rates the game based on its condition.

Byuu wants to use the money he obtains from the sale of this collection to buy European and Japanese sets and is willing to negotiate on the price. He is also willing to accept offers from outside of the auction site.

It took him 3 years to assemble the collection and he did it in order to “obtain scans and clean verified dumps for every game” – a task which he has now completed.

Source: Polygon

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