Japanese Pop Starlet Shaves Head & Makes Teary Public Apology After “Sex Scandal”


Another member of super-successful, 91-strong, all-female Japanese pop group AKB48 has hit the headlines this week in what is being referred to as a “sex scandal”!

Minami Minegishi, 20, was caught out after the media revealed that she had a night of passion with a member of boy-band. Whilst this might not seem like much of a scandal to the majority of people, apparently by engaging in this tryst Minegishi broke one of AKB48’s fundamental rules: NO DATING!

In a bid to save face and earn redemption for her sexual indiscretion, the pop starlet shaved her head and recorded a heartfelt, teary apology and posted it to YouTube. Pictures of her roughly shorn head have been splattered all over the national newspapers since the story emerged. Before this dodgy haircut, Minegishi sported long, silky, beautiful hair.
Through her tears, a weepy Minegishi explains to loyal fans that she chose to shave her head as an act of contrition after a weekly magazine published an article about her encounter with 19-year-old Alan Shirahama, a dancer with popular boy band Exile.

In the video, which has had more than 3 million views, she told fans that her actions were “thoughtless and immature” and said;

“I don’t believe just doing this means I can be forgiven for what I did, but the first thing I thought was that I don’t want to quit AKB48…If it is possible, I wish from the bottom of my heart to stay in the band. Everything I did is entirely my fault, I am so sorry.”

In terms of revenue, AKB48 are a hugely successful outfit comprised entirely of young girls in their teens and early 20s. Much of this success comes as a direct result of “implied availability” of its icons.
Fans are given frequent opportunities to meet their idols who are brought in and out of public eye depending on their popularity.
The girls in the band, who are often portrayed as sex symbols in revealing outfits and suggestive poses must follow the rules if they want their chance at the publicity.

They are allowed to have “one-sided romantic feelings” for a guy, but cannot take these any further, lest they ruin the dream shared by their hoard of male fans, that they might one day stand a chance to score with their fantasy woman….

So basically these “pop stars” are there to sell sex, but they definitely aren’t allowed to have any. That seems fair…

Last week, high profile AKB48 member Tomomi Kasai was involved in an actual scandal, being at the center of a child pornography allegation after a magazine was about to publish an image of the pop princess with a young child cupping her naked breasts, which police are now investigating.

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