Ai Weiwei & His Views On How The Internet Is Affecting The Chinese Government

Infamous, outspoken Chinese artist and political activist Ai Weiwei believes that the internet and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are having an important effect on the stronghold that the Chinese government has over its citizens.

He said; “I think those technology platforms [the internet and social media] constantly put the government on trial. And every event, every policy they make, people will laugh about it, and they will make fun about it. This is amazing for the younger generation.”

In a short clip that was directed and produced by Jonathan Fowler, Elizabeth Rodd, and Jason Gots, Weiwei elaborates on how he believes that these platforms can increase political freedom in China despite the fact that blogs and websites are strictly monitored. Weiwei himself has firsthand experience of the kind of censorship that takes place as his blog and twitter account were shut-down by Chinese authorities back in 2009 because he consistently challenged the government over human rights issues.

He said that regardless of the fact that the Chinese government has “100,000 Internet police” sitting there each and every day deleting material that they do not approve of “Chinese twitter and Chinese blog still offers a certain kind of freedom this nation never had before.” He said they “build up a very strong platform for civil opinions and discussions, which already completely change the landscape of the political situation.”

He believes that this new found freedom can change the nature of politics in the country forever.

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