Adastra iPad Controllable “Superyacht” Unveiled

The Adastra Superyacht

£15-million superyacht, The Adastra, was unveiled today in China for billionaire Anto Marden, who commissioned it, after five years of construction.

What really makes this ship so spectacular, aside from the high-end price tag, is the cutting edge technology and stunning modern design.

The yacht is so advanced, it can be controlled remotely from an iPad, as long as you’re within a 50-meter range.

The Adastra was built by Sussex boat designer John Shuttleworth, with the hull made of glass and Kevlar, and is designed to house nine guests and six crewmen.

Marden, who is so ridiculously wealthy that he owns two islands off the coast of Indonesia, plans on sailing the luxury boat between them, but could just as easily travel between the United Kingdom and New York in a single trip, as (at 17 knots) The Adastra has a 4,000-mile range.

The Adastra Superyacht

The 42.5m superyacht is beautiful to behold, boasting a sleek shiny bodied construction with smooth curves, and can reach a top speed of 22.5 knots. It weights in at about 52 tons, but is extremely fuel efficient for its size and speed.

Adastra’s 16-metre beam features a saloon area on the main deck with a lounge area, dining table, and navigation station.

The deck at the rear of the yacht has a sofa and bar area to port and a dining area to starboard.

The main helm station, which has seating for two, is positioned in a raised pilot house situated between the rear deck and the saloon area and forms part of the cross beam structure.

With all that luxury it’s hard not to be just a little bit jealous, but even though we can’t even dream of stepping a foot on The Adastra’s beautiful decks, we still think it’s mighty pretty to look at.

(Via DailyMail)


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