Aaron Swartz Memorial At Internet Archive Now Available Online

Aaron Swartz Memorial at the Internet Archive

Since the tragic suicide of Aaron Swartz in the face of an overzealous federal prosecution, the family, friends, followers and admirers of the young, passionate internet activist have organized a number of different memorials to commemorate his life and celebrate the important legacy that he has left behind.

Because Swartz touched so many lives, affected so many people in all corners of the world, it would be impossible for all of those who knew him or admired him to have attended his memorials. However we do have the next best thing as many of these events are available to watch in full online. This video is from the memorial that took place at the Internet Archive in San Francisco and features impassioned speeches from many of Swartz’ friends and fellow activists. Featuring well-known figures like Carl Malamud, Lisa Rein, Danny O’Brien, Seth Schoen, and Swartz’ partner Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman to name but a few.

Boingboing’s Cory Doctorow, a good friend of Swartz’ said this memorial was not “the kind of think you weep over. It’s the kind of thing you stand up and salute.”

It is difficult to watch something like this and not feel motivated to battle against the injustice that Swartz experienced. It makes you realize just how important his legacy is and why his fight is so important.

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