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In Case Of Fire Call NYC Street Artists Enzo & Nio

New York based street artists Enzo and Nio have been making quite a name for themselves recently, especially with their fake “Pull In Case of Emergency” box variations.

Their infamous red “emergency” boxes can be found all over New York and cater for all sorts of different problems – you’ve got “Pull In Case of Police”, “Shit”, “Facebook” and even one to help save you from “Mayor Bloomberg”, of whom they are clearly not fans!

They also have numerous other masterpieces and recurring themes throughout their works however and the little bomb emblazoned with their initials, features in the majority of their pieces appearing to be a critique on the violence that is prevalent in our society.

Vandalog has put Enzo and Nio in amongst their top 10 street artists to watch out for in 2012 and judging by some of their work, it’s not difficult to see why their installations are getting so much attention.

Iheartcoolstuff writer Saki caught up with Enzo and Nio not too long ago, she went around NYC with them while they put up some of their work. She said, “They don’t like discussing their work as it might lead to them affecting the way I interpret it, therefore; it is never discussed, they prefer it this way.”Continue Reading