90-Year Old Farmer Builds Wind-Powered Car

Entrepreneurial, gadget-crazy farmer, Tang Zhengping has designed and constructed a wind-powered car, which he claims can reach speeds of up to 90mph!

Zhengping, who is from Beijing said it only took him three months to design and put together his amazing creation! Another amazing thing about the inventor of this nifty little vehicle is that he is 90 years old! Yeah you heard me, 90!!! Wow, if I hope I’ve got that kind of wind in my sails when I am his age (pun totally intended)!

With the fuel prices rising almost every day and petrol shortages all over the place, Zhengping’s fuel-saving vehicle could end up making the farmer a tidy little profit and it might not be that long before you see cars like Zhenping’s hurtling down your local high street!

Zhenping’s design is ingenious in many ways! It runs on batteries and electric generators that are recharged by a fan at the front of the vehicle and two ‘solar energy wings’ on the back that sustain electricity generation! It can go for longer than a normal electric car because of the generators and can last up to three days without needing a battery recharge!

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