800lb Susanne Eman & What Might Be The Biggest Wedding Dress Ever

When you normally hear brides to be talking about their forthcoming wedding dresses, a great many of them will have one focus and one focus alone, usually about their struggle to lose weight in time to fit into it properly. Seriously, I have seen dozens of women turn into nervous, diet-obsessed wrecks, fretting and frantic, bordering on the neurotic if not already over the edge. All in a bid to lose weight to fit into that white dress on their big day.

Well not Susanne Eman, 32, she is actually on an entirely different quest…This Arizona woman has made it her mission to break the world record for the heaviest human being. It was from the modeling pictures of her mission that she met her husband-to-be, chef Parker Clack.

They are due to be married this summer and it will come as no surprise to you, that Eman had to get her dress custom made. Forget the usual celery-munching that goes on for days before the first wedding dress fitting, Eman’s routine couldn’t be further from that if she tried. Stopping off at the drive thru before arriving at the seamstress, Eman tucks into a $50 fast-food spread that would feed most normal people for days. The seamstress will need approximately 45 feet of fabric, to make the dress to fit around her 9ft/107inch waist, and Eman specifically requested it be off-white, because she has accepted the fact that she will probably spill food on it!

Tipping the scales at 800lb, Eman consumes something like 30,000 calories each day, similar to the amount that an average human being would take it in two weeks!

(Via Buzzfeed)

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  • http://needtospeakout.wordpress.com/ Stella Inchaurregui Kennedy

    “This Arizona woman has made it her mission to break the world record for the heaviest human being.”
    Did anything you read say why? I’m at a loss here on this one…

    • brucecat

       I think the husband is a feeder and she enjoys eating. Perfect match really lol

      • http://needtospeakout.wordpress.com/ Stella Inchaurregui Kennedy

         I did some research on her after reading this piece, and apparently she’s says she’s trying to prove you can be fat and healthy, or something like that – and she’s trying to break the stigma of obese people as lazy, etc.
        I’m all for accepting others and loving yourself, but purposefully pushing yourself to gain weight in some odd experiment as a bid to prove everyone wrong just seems… well, wrong. And that’s just me of course, but based on some of the other comments I’ve seen many others agree.
        What an odd story. I feel bad for her two kids…

  • 1234

    dear god why

  • Brook

    She was on Dr.Phill, he sent here to an inpatient rehab. believe it or not, her soon to be hubby said he wouldn’t marry her if she loses any weight …she is a ticking time bomb for a heart attack! so sad they someone wants to be known for being fat!