7-Year-Old Zora Ball Is Youngest Person To Develop Mobile Game App


First grader Zora Ball has become the youngest person ever to create a mobile video game app. At just 7-years-old, before many kids even know what a mobile video game app is, Zora has managed to develop her own, using the programming language Bootstrap.

Zora’s game app was unveiled at the University of Pennsylvania’s Bootstrap Expo in January. Bootstrap is a programming language that is often taught to students between the ages of 12 and 16 to help them learn the concepts of algebra via video game development.

Zora is a first grader at the Harambee Institute of Science and Technology and also attends the after-school program “STEMnasium Learning Academy.”

Tariq Al-Nasir who heads the STEMnasium group said he was proud of all his students and was impressed by their phenomenal dedication to the program. Apparently these kids turn up every single Saturday without fail, even during the holiday breaks.

Apparently there was some dispute about the fact that Zora’s older brother might have helped her program the game (he was a former STEM scholar of the year) however, the young girl quelled these rumors by displaying the ability to reconfigure the app when asked to do so at the Expo.

Source: Philadelphia Tribune

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