6 Horror Games For Your Computer: Don’t Expect To Sleep

Chills and bumps aren’t usually seen as positive, but there’s not much more fun than hanging out with your girlfriend the other guys who don’t have girlfriends and watching a scary movie.  The only problem?  A lot of times, scary movies just aren’t that scary.  In my experience, though there have been exceptions, games really immerse you in fear and elicit a much more embarrassing reaction from friends who don’t have the strongest constitution.  Read: womanly shrieking.

I will let you know which one of these seven horror games for your computer elicited an audible shriek from my good friend, who appreciates me embarrassing him in front of the entire world.  All of these games are either free or available on Steam, and I have linked to downloads in each one.  (Trust me – I know how hard it can be to find downloads online, especially for mac users.  Note that many of these are, unfortunately, not available on mac, but many of them are.  I would say it is about half and half.)

Note:  Don’t play these games in a 240×240 window with the lights on and the sound off and then tell me that they’re not scary.  I won’t listen to you.  Sit outside in complete darkness with max volume headphones and a full screen game, and then I’ll believe you.  But, after that, I’m pretty sure that you won’t say that these games didn’t frighten you at least a little bit.  (If you think that Slender is not scary, I will give that one to you, but the others should make you pee yourself just a little.)


Creepy – Meh.

Scary – A few jump scares here and there, atmosphere is disconcerting.

Frightening – Constantly on edge, multiple jump scares.

Bone-Chilling – People shut it off because it’s too scary.

1.  Slender And The Eight Pages: Creepy

Download Link

Note that the gameplay video above, while incredibly hilarious, is NSFW due to language.  (All of these horror game play throughs have commentary attached, and most of it is hilarious, but all of it is vulgar.  Which probably accounts for much of the humor.)

In this game, you need to collect all eight of the Slender Man pages – Slender Man is a tuxedo-wearing guy with salad fingers who wants to kill you before you complete your objective.  Walk around in a dark forest until you win or until you turn around to see Slender’s face before you die.  When the screen starts getting fuzzy, you know he’s near, so don’t turn around.  Unless he’s in front of you, in which case you would be stupid not to turn around.  Also note that running in a zig-zag formation has no effect on the Slender Man.

2.  Amnesia: Bone-Chilling

Download Link

Amnesia is probably the scariest game on this list.  The video is, despite it’s awesomeness, unadulterated gameplay.  Moving the table in front of the door?  You can do that.  Turning on and off the light strategically?  You can do that.  Getting scared out of your mind late at night?  You can most definitely do that.

Amnesia is extremely frightening, and is probably the most famous game on this list behind Slender.  It will cost you $20 on Steam, however, but would make for a great time this Thanksgiving.  No joke, I am probably going to play this with my cousins until one of us wimps out.

3.  Nightmare House 2: Bone-Chilling

Download Link

This is the game where my friend shrieked like a little girl – if you do not like spoilers, then stop reading here.  There is a part of the game where you’re trapped in a hallway, and it seems like there’s no way out.  After a couple of minutes, you realize that the hallway is getting shorter.  (The hallway has no ceiling, by the way – you fell down a hole.)  You run back and forth, freaking out the entire time, and soon you’re stuck in a square big enough only for your body.  That’s when you look up and see the little girl’s face right above you fill up your entire screen.  That, my friends, is how you get a man to shriek.

Note that Nightmare House 2 is a Half Life 2 mod, so you need to download Half Life 2 – the mod itself is free, though.  (The game engine is $10 on Steam).

4.  Penumbra Series: Frightening

Download Link

You have to find out what happened to your father… and do it before you get ripped to pieces by whatever may be lurking in the shadowy underground realm that you’re trapped in.  Not as scary as I would have liked, unfortunately, but it will make your neck hairs stand on end a few times.  Not a bad game by any means, but it just didn’t scare me that much.

You can get this from Steam for just $10, not a bad price for a pretty solid game.  This probably isn’t the thing you’re looking for if you’re looking for terrifying gameplay – too much puzzle solving in this for my taste.

5.  SCP-087-B: Frightening

Video is NSFW – language – it’s a PewDiePie play through.

Download Link

SCP-087-B is probably the simplest game on this list, but if you play it alone, it’s sure to give you a good scare.  It may sound dumb to walk down an endless set of stairs, and it probably is, but there are tons of jump scares!  Also, the game is generated randomly, so you will have a different experience (to a point) every time you play!  Just a note: the game just crashes when you beat it, but I can almost guarantee you that you won’t beat it unless you spend days playing.

6.  SCP Containment Breach: Bone-Chilling

Again, video is NSFW due to language – the guy’s hilarious, but I wouldn’t watch it at work.  It’s difficult to find videos without commentary, since people don’t like to be scared until after they preview the game with hilarious voiceovers.

Download Link

While the antagonist has been described by many as a “foam finger,” it will kill you with ease.  The general goal: don’t blink when you’re in the same room as SCP 173, or you will get eaten.  The game actually takes a considerable amount of skill, and is fairly frightening.  The only thing that makes it less frightening than some others is the fact that you know what the monster is and what it looks like, but sometimes that’s scarier than being in the dark about what’s hunting you.

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