50 Shades Of Grey Audiobook With Morgan Freeman Narrating! (NSFW)

Ok, so maybe it’s not an entire audiobook and it isn’t actually Morgan Freeman but rather the supremely talented Family Guy voice actor Josh Robert Thompson doing a fabulous impression of him, but this clip of ‘Morgan Freeman’ narrating an excerpt from ‘mommie porn’ bestselling novel 50 Shades Of Grey is completely epic!! I think they should do the entire book…Or maybe just pick the best bits and give them the Freeman treatment!

The parody is brilliant, ‘Freeman’s’ powerful, commanding and revered voice repeating phrases like ‘kinky fuckery’ is so wrong, yet so right at the same time!

Thompsons own ad-libbed observations and interjections are absolutely hilarious too, my favorite being the bit when he talks about how things were different in his day. Despite the fact that they ‘never used such terms’ when he was a youngster, they still got creative, he muses, asking listeners if they ever tried the ‘ham sandwich’ before elaborating on some of what this entails!
This is most definitely worth a listen!!

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