5 Of The Stupidest Places To Put QR Codes

QR codes can be great marketing tools if they are used correctly.  The only problem: it turns out that many marketers are morons, and that we have no idea how to think.  When a marketer is going to implement some kind of initiative, he should think about how the customer is going to feel.  Heck – ask your mom and she would tell you that you need to think up a new plan.

1.  QR Code In The Urinal?  Really?

stupidest places to put qr codes

Why is this such a bad idea?  I mean, you are going to have to stand there for a few seconds to do your business, so it would make sense to let people whip out their phones and scan the QR code, right?  No.

What are people going to think when they see you taking a picture with your camera facing down towards the bottom of the urinal?  What are they going to think?  If you don’t want to be labeled as a freak by everyone in the men’s room, then don’t scan this.  Or, for those of us who are more technologically challenged, think about how easy it would be to accidentally pull an Anthony Weiner.  This was just a stupid design from the start.

2.  In An Email

stupidest places to put qr codes

Many of you are probably wondering why it’s such a bad thing to put QR codes in emails.  They make your simple HTML message “high tech” and “hip,” so why would that ever be bad for the customer?  Two words: mobile phones.

Many many many users read emails on their phone, and most of them left their second smartphone in their other pants.  How am I going to scan a QR code that shows up in an email on my phone without another phone?  I CAN’T.  IT’S STUPID MARKETING.  And it makes customers angry, since they want to know where that QR code goes, and they can’t know until they get to a computer.  By that point, they will probably just delete the email and forget about it.

3.  QR Codes In In-Flight Magazines

stupidest places to put QR codes

QR codes in magazines might not be such a bad thing, but QR codes in in-flight magazines?  Seriously?  Last time I checked, you get kicked off of the plane if you even try to play Words With Friends when you’re not supposed to.

The market people behind these in-flight magazines say that readers will “rip out the page and scan it later.” Yeah.  I’m going to want to scan that code so badly that I will rip the thing out, put it in my pocket, and then remember not to wash it in my pants after a rough day of traveling.  Best case scenario: I ruin my right pocket with a washed piece of magazine.

4.  QR Codes On Billboards

stupidest places to put qr codes

How on earth am I supposed to scan this thing when I’m driving?  Even if I had a third arm and a QR scanner that loads in almost no time, I’m driving 60 miles per hour on the highway, and that billboard’s going to fly by pretty fast.

It takes me a couple of seconds to scan something that’s sitting on the table.  There’s no way I’m going to go to Callahan’s website via that code.  I might throw some eggs at her billboard later if I pick some up at the Jewel Osco, though.

5.  QR Codes On Broccolini

stupidest places to put QR codes

This isn’t just for broccolini – it goes for food in general.  (Though it’s especially moronic to put it on broccolini, because you should instead be focusing on how to make broccolini not make half of the population want to puke.)

When I buy food, I don’t want to scan a QR code to go to the website of the company whose food I just bought.  If I cared about the food, I would have read up on it before I bought it and had the time to scan the code.

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