28 Women Squeeze Into A Mini Cooper & Break Guinness World Record

Last week 28 very flexible ladies managed to squeeze into a 2012 Mini Cooper and break the Guinness World Record for how many people can fit into the tiny vehicle!

The women, from a gym in East Sussex broke their own record of 27 that they set the previous year. 28 people in a mini!!? I’ve been inside a Mini and it doesn’t even seem like you could fit 4 people in one! I think these ladies must have been drinking Alice In Wonderland’s shrink potion to pull off this feat!

The women successfully attempted the record in London on November 15th as part of the Guinness World Records Day – an annual event in its 8th year, which sees thousands of people from all over the world attempt to break as many world records as possible. It was started by the Guinness folks to celebrate the day in 2004 when the book became the world’s best-selling copyright book!

Dani Maynard, the organizer of the Mini Cooper event said; “While we have not quite been able to fit any of the girls into the Mini’s glove box, there is a surprising amount of space to utilize.”

But one record was not quite enough for these ambitious ladies, for once they had managed to extricate themselves from the Mini Cooper, they raced over to the ITV studios to attempt another record live on TV show This Morning. This time, they were trying to see how many people they could fit inside a much smaller, classic Mini and they managed to break the previous record of 21, by getting 23 bodies inside the miniscule vehicle!

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