“20 Something New York” New Film From Indie Director Lanze Spears


Being a ’20 something’ trying to make your way in the world can be difficult, those of you who are fresh out of college might be on the job hunt, others will be wondering how to further their careers or just faced with general questions about what to do with their lives.

I for one remember the massive gulf between what they call “the real world” and university life and how difficult making this transition really was.

For independent filmmaker Lanze Spears, this period of life is of particular interest and he was inspired to create the documentary “20 Something” which follows young 20 somethings in different cities striving to fulfill their goals and dreams.

The film was shot in 2011 and quickly gained popularity, it received numerous independent film awards and was hugely admired at the university campuses where it was screened. Spears created the documentary on a shoestring budget, crashing at his friend’s apartments and travelling from city to city collecting the inspiring individual stories that make up the film.

The audience reaction to the film and the positive feedback he received from those who watched it inspired him to create the second film in the series, “20 Something New York” which looks into the lives of 3 female dancers trying to break into the competitive dance scene in the city. Trailers for the new film have racked up more than 100,000 YouTube views and it was featured at the Oklahoma Dance Film Festival and has been screened at numerous universities in the last few months.

It is an insightful movie about being young, full of hope and determined to fulfill your dreams in a world which sometimes makes that difficult. I think it is a fantastic film for university students and those who have recently graduated and are looking for a little bit of inspiration. It’s also great for older audiences too, a nostalgic trip back in time to when they were in the position of those featured in the movie!

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