18 Chinese Police Involved In Elaborate Operation To Rescue Sex Doll From River

18 police officers took just under an hour to rescue what they believed to be a drowning woman from a river in China’s Shandong province. Once they eventually managed to fish the ‘woman’ out of the water, it turned out to a sex doll!

A huge crowd had gathered at the scene to watch the elaborate rescue, but when cops pulled the sex doll out of the water, they quickly dispersed and covered their children’s eyes from the unnecessary sight!

What gets me is that they would be happy enough to stand around and potentially let their kids witness the cops pull what could have been a dead body out of the water, but they didn’t want them to see a sex doll! Personally, I think it’s ‘not for children’ in either case!

The cops worked frantically for just under an hour to rescue somebody’s rejected blow-up girlfriend and must have felt a little bit silly once they discovered that they had actually staged an elaborate rescue operation for an inanimate object!

There is still no word as to how the sex doll ended up there and something tells me, we might never find out why this plastic companion was tossed into the river! A bit of an epic fail if the person getting rid of it was trying to do so discreetly by dumping it in the river, you know, not wanting to take the risk of the neighbors seeing it in the trash!

This is not the first high profile case of sex toy mistaken identity in China, just recently we wrote about the Liucunbu villagers who found a pleasure toy whilst digging a well and believing it to be a rare mushroom, called in an investigative journalist to do an exposé on their discovery! The journalist also believed the toy was a mushroom, but the minute the program aired some savvy viewers realized exactly what was going on!

Sex Doll Saved From Drowning By 18 Cops (Via Huffington Post)

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