14-Year Old McDonald’s Burger That Looks Like It Just Came Off The Grill!

Check out this 14-year-old McDonald’s burger patty that looks almost identical to one that has literally just come off the grill! Though the pickle and what not has long since disintegrated, the 14-year-old burger is remarkably unchanged – which says a hell of a lot about the preservatives that are used in meat!!

The burger belongs to Utah resident David Whipple, who sent the patty to the TV show, “The Doctors” and told them it’s incredibly long story! Whipple purchased the burger from McDonald’s some 14-years ago on 7th July 1999. He had intended to keep it for 2-months as an example piece to show his friends the workings of enzymes, but he forgot about it until 2 years after that when his wife pulled it out of an old coat pocket where he had tucked it away, wrapped in a paper bag.

Upon examination of the 2-year-old burger, Whipple saw that it had hardly changed one little bit, so he decided to hang onto it for even longer, to see how it would react.

So 14 years later, when he examined the burger once more, it still remained almost exactly how it had appeared when he first bought it. If you place the patty inside a bun that’s fresh off the grill, you really wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance that you were staring at a piece of meat that is actually an ancient relic!

The condition of the patty says a lot about the strength of the preservatives in our meat which is naturally biodegradable, whether those preservatives are put in place before the meat gets to McDonald’s or after, it is a real eye-opener.

When asked about the perfectly preserved ancient burger, McDonald’s said,

“McDonald’s hamburgers are freshly prepared in our restaurants. While not knowing the conditions in which the food was kept in this specific claim, what is scientifically known is that in bacteria and mold only grow under certain conditions…McDonald’s hamburger patties in the U.S. are made with 100% USDA-inspected beef. They are cooked and prepared with salt, pepper and nothing else — no preservatives — no fillers. Our hamburger buns are made from North American-grown wheat flour. These are the same foods that people buy every day in their local grocery stores.”

Whipple kept a copy of the original receipt from his 1999 burger purchase and uses the burger to make a point to his grandchildren of what not to eat. He feels that this evidence will help them to make healthier diet choices.

Source: Examiner

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