12th Annual Nail Olympics Takes Place In Rome!


Check out these extremely impressive and rather incredible nail art designs that featured at the 12th Annual Nailympics which took place in Rome last week. Nail Artists from all over the world, flew into the Italian capital in a bid to impress the 9 judges with their flamboyant designs. There were 7 different categories (we’re guessing practicality isn’t one of them) in which the nail artists competed and they are judged on all manner of criteria like the application of the art and the shape of the nail etc.

Yup, the fact that there is a Nail Olympics is news to me and I never would’ve guessed that it had been taking place for over a decade, but you can’t deny how totally fantabulously epic some of these creations are!

In saying that though, can you imagine the difficulty those models went through during the competition – going to the toilet must have been a nightmare and any attempts to hoist up hosiery would be doomed to end in sartorial tragedy! I wonder if there were any accidental injuries, like the odd gouged eyeball or laceration! Well they do say, ‘no pain no gain’, I guess!





Source: Incredible Things

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