12 Of The Best Geeky Easter Eggs

4 Nintendo eggs
Traditional Easter eggs can be pretty boring at times, which is why it’s great that we have the internet to showcase the very best of the geeky and original ones out there! Here are a collection of 12 of my favorite weird, nerdy, wacky and wonderfully geeky Easter Eggs.

1. Stormtrooper

stormtrooper eggs
This angry bunch of Stormtrooper Eggs are mean, menacing and raring to kick some Rebel Alliance ass, well until someone decides they fancy an omelet anyways!

via: Geek Art Gallery

2. Justice League

2 Justice League eggs
I love superheroes, so I just couldn’t resist this collection of Justice League eggs, our courageous warriors look a little like they’ve piled on the pounds because of their oval confines, but they are brilliant nonetheless.

via: The Mary Sue

3. Fearsome Dalek

3 Dalek Egg
This menacing Dalek Easter Egg is fantabulous and would be a brilliant accompaniment to any Easter basket – EXTERMINATE!!!

Via: The Mary Sue

4. Nintendo Favorites

4 Nintendo eggs
Got to love this collection that features some great Nintendo classic characters, who would’ve thought an egg could look so much like a NES controller!

Via: The Mary Sue

5. South Park

5 South Park eggs
What good is a bank holiday weekend without lots of swearing and swapping of well-placed insults? Not much, which is why this South Park quadruplet simply has to make the cut!

Via: Uproxx

6. Men In Black

6 MIB eggs
You’ve got admire the impressive artistry on display with this Men In Black Easter Egg scene, after all, aliens and top secret government agents love Easter too!

Via: Uproxx

7. Gotham City’s Main Players

7 Gotham City
If Gotham City’s heroes and villains were made from eggs I think they’d look like these incredible masterpieces created by Lesley A. Jensen!

Via: Uproxx

8. EiPod

8 iPod Egg
We love our Apple gadgets so why not pay homage to them over Easter. This little EiPod is great, I wonder how many GB it is though and whether it got its own keynote?

Via: Uproxx

9. ET

9 ET eggs
It’s hard to believe that this E.T replica is actually an Easter Egg, such is the meticulous attention to detail displayed. It doesn’t look especially edible, but it’s still damn cool!

Via: Uproxx

10. Tardis

10 Tardis Eggs
Though these Tardis Easter Eggs probably won’t help you beat the holiday traffic, they look amazing and are probably bigger on the inside!

Via: Pinterest

11. Star Wars

11 Star Wars Eggs
This awesome collection of Star Wars heroes and villains would make for an excellently eggy battle between the Light and the Dark sides. Like a game of conkers only messier! It would be a real shame to destroy the art work that went into them however!

Via: Funny Junk

12. Zombie Apocalypse

12 Zombie eggs
This zombie egg duo is simply adorable, possibly somewhat inappropriate for Easter, but who gives a damn. Even eggs will become infected when the Zombie Apocalypse plagues the earth.

Via: 1×57

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