10-Strong Police Unit Raid Group Of Teens Playing Call Of Duty!


When the Swedish police received an emergency call this last weekend, they weren’t really sure what to expect. The person calling the authorities told them that loud gunfire and desperate cries for help could be heard.

Worrying that perhaps they would be walking into some sort of gangland shootup or crazed mass-murderer opening fire on friends and relatives, authorities mounted a 10-strong squad and sent them round to the address where the neighbor had reported hearing the horrible noises!

When they arrived, they found no bodies, no bloodshed, no automatic weapons, no brutality just a group of teens having a rather loud and excitable game of Call of Duty! I guess this is what you would call a pleasant surprise! Apparently the neighbor who put the call in wasn’t really familiar with video games so mistook the sounds for an actual warzone – D’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

Just to be on the safe side though and make sure these animated teens weren’t actually using the Call of Duty sound effects as a cover for some sort of sinister mass murder, the police rounded them up and led them out of the apartment.

Police scoped the place and spoke to teenagers who assured them that no innocent humans had been hurt during the playing of this video game. Upon discovering that there were no dismembered body parts hiding under empty soda cans and chip packets, or bloody horse heads in the bed, the police left without filing any charges against the raucous gamers!

Source: The Escapist

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