7 Unusual Key Covers: Your Own Keys, Now With Covers On Them!

Keys are boring, unless you’re the one stealing them and using them to take peoples’ cats.  (Dear mysterious cat-taker, please bring back my cat.  He doesn’t like you as much as he likes me.  Stockholm syndrome does not apply to cats.)

These seven unusual keys and key covers will show your personality to the world, and will spice up your life.  Right now, if I were to take a bite out of your life, it would be bland.  Because your life is bland.  You’re bland.  You need to go dress up as Spiderman and punch someone in the face!

1.  Chainsaw Key Cover

chainsaw key coverContinue Reading

Police Rescue A Dude Who Gets Stuck Inside A Traffic Bollard!

In a spectacular Darwinism fail, police had to be called to rescue a man in Hemel Hempstead, London, who was trapped inside a traffic bollard after sticking his head into it as a joke some two hours earlier!

Anyone who has attended university in the UK (I’m not sure if it’s the same in other parts of the world, but I’m assuming it is) and imbibed alcohol whilst there, will know about the fun that can be had with traffic cones (they make great party hats), bollards and the like. Usually however, this fun can be had without getting oneself wedged inside the apparatus. Continue Reading

Food Writer Has To Tell Everyone He’s Not In “Butter Coma” After Satire Biscuit Story Is Viral Hit!

Food writer Kevin Shalin, better known as The Mighty Rib, has had to come out and deny rumors that he fell into a “butter coma” after eating 413 really tasty but lard-heavy biscuits! It had been reported that witnesses had seen Shalin convulsing after consuming the buttery biscuits and the story of his near demise quickly went viral.

It all started after a report about Shalin and his near-death experience with the biscuits appeared on fictional news site Rock City Times. Despite the fact that the site describes itself as being “Arkansas’ 2nd most unreliable news source” several other outlets like The Daily Mail Online, The Mirror and The Sun covered the strange story without realizing it was a hoax! Continue Reading

Mike Rugnetta Looks At Why We Love Zombies On PBS Idea Channel!

Anyone who regularly uses the internet and/or watches television, will have noticed that we have been overrun by zombies! Luckily the zombie apocalypse has not yet arrived, but there have been countless TV shows, movies, websites dedicated to surviving an invasion etc springing up all over the place.

In the latest episode of web show PBS Idea Channel, host Mike Rugnetta (@mikerugnetta) looks at the recent obsession with zombies in popular culture and puts forward several fascinating theories of what these shuffling, brain-eating, cumbersome folk might represent IRL. He also looks back through popular culture history and examines what various villains and enemies were symbolic of during specific eras. Continue Reading

Dog Wearing Sunglasses Carries His “Brother” Cat On Back!

Whilst it is well known that dogs and cats don’t always see eye to eye, you will occasionally hear stories of felines and canines that have formed great bonds and really look out for one another. This is one such story of a cat and a dog from China’s Yunnan province and their owner says that they are just like “brothers”.

Super cool Alsatian Wangcai loves sporting sunglasses and even has a mobile phone taped to his leg, is said to be inseparable with his moggy mate Mimi. When the kitteh gets tired, she will often jump up onto Wangcai’s back and hitch a ride atop her best buddy Alsatian! Continue Reading

Clever Ambigram Samaritans Ad Campaign For Depression Awareness

A clever ad campaign created by agency Publicis to raise awareness about depression for the Samaritans of Singapore utilizes ambigrams to disclose hidden cries for help.

For those of you who don’t know, an ambigram is a word, image or art form that carries a double-meaning when viewed from another direction or perspective. In the case of this advertising campaigning seemingly positive graffiti messages carry hidden signs of depression that become clearly visible when the image is turned upside down. Continue Reading

Childhood Innocence Destroyed: Toy Story’s Woody As Gun-Toting GTA Vigilante!

If you fancy watching something that will smash your innocent childhood memories to smithereens then this is the thing for you. Toy Story’s honorable, revered cowboy Woody appearing in Grand Theft Auto and blows the shit out of your usual GTA thugs and hoodlums. Who knew our dear Woody could be so damn violent!

Taking one of the most heartwarming movies and one of the most gratuitously violent video games of our generation, YouTuber El Brochacho created the creepy merger and it is totally disturbing! There is something utterly eerie about watching the happy-go-lucky expression on Woody’s face as he annihilates everything and everyone in his path! Continue Reading

Introducing Virginia, The 3-Legged Cat That Adopts & Cares For Shelter’s Kittens

Virginia is a very special cat indeed, because despite having only 3-legs (one of which is paralyzed) and having to walk with a special harness, she takes care of all the kittens to come into the Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, Texas.

A long-haired tabby, Virginia had to have one of her back legs amputated, while the other does not work properly. She also has to wear diapers because she has no bladder or bowl control, yet staff at the cattery say she is a really caring mother for the kittens that come through the shelter doors and will look after them until they are adopted. The especially designed pink walker is helping to strengthen Virginia’s one back leg and staff say that she is making good progress since using it. Continue Reading

Giant Spiders Freaked Out Meteorologist!

Check out this footage of meteorologist Kristi Gordon having a major freakout when a giant spider appears on her forecast screen. When she notices the giant arachnid, Gordon really panics, hopping about the place and making little high-pitched yelping noises!

It’s funny to watch, but really her reaction is utterly understandable and I think a great many of us would be just as traumatized, if not more so! Ok, so we all know the spider isn’t really there or quite so huge IRL, but in that spine-chilling, horror-inducing split-second, how would you react? I think there’s a lot of people who would be sporting brown trousers if that had happened to them!

Woman Rides On Scooter Adorned With Rifles & Skulls Whilst Pet Parrot Flies With Her!

If you thought the guy who liked riding around Madison on a scooter wearing nothing but a thong and a cape was wacky, check out the footage of this woman from Thailand.

The woman’s scooter is oddball enough, adorned with what looks like an actual animal skull and real rifles, but when you see her tearing it up on the tarmac with her little pet parrot flying alongside her before settling down to perch on the handlebars – that really tops it off and takes the whole thing soaring headfirst into bizarro land! Continue Reading